Soak the feet in apple cider vinegar .. 5 Benefits of "Amazing"

Throughout the ages, apple cider vinegar has been used mainly in the kitchen for house cleaning purposes, but its benefits do not stop when the salad dish is prepared or some places in the house are cleared.
Soak the feet in apple cider vinegar .. 5 Benefits of

Here are five important benefits of apple cider vinegar on the feet, the Standard Media website reported Thursday.

Peeling skin

Apple cider vinegar helps to dissolve calcified parts of the skin caused by wearing tight shoes, or wearing wrong shoes, and apple cider vinegar exfoliates dead skin cells.

Healthy feet

Many people suffer from the smell of the oldest unpleasant because of the interaction of sweat with bacteria on the skin, as this problem can be solved through the acidic environment of the feet placed in a vase of apple cider vinegar that kills bacteria.

Athletic feet

You may feel itching between your toes because of the accumulation of fungi, and may be itching so troublesome that it may hinder movement as it is accompanied by pain. So apple cider vinegar helps to absorb and rid you of them.

Stronger nails

There is a fungus growing under the nails, and these fungi may affect your nails making them thick, brittle, crumpled or rough. Soaking the feet in apple cider vinegar can help change the pH level in these areas and strengthen them.

Soft feet

Many people have cracked the skin of the feet, especially in the heel area. If left untreated, these cracks can cause distressing pain. Soaking the feet in apple cider vinegar helps remove the dead skin accumulated by these cracks and makes the feet even smoother.

It should be noted that apple cider vinegar is high in Turkish, so before using it to soak the feet, dilute it with water, by mixing two cups of lukewarm water with each cup of vinegar.