HTC Announces the Pre-Order Phase of the Q2 Block 1 Pre-Order

HTC Announces the Pre-Order Phase of the Q2 Block 1 Pre-Order

HTC Announces the Pre-Order Phase of the Q2 Block 1 Pre-Order

HTC has announced the beginning of the pre-booking phase of its Q3 phone. For the first time ever, those wishing to acquire the innovative device can make pre-purchase orders through using the currency of the "Petchem" or the "Ethrium" platform where it is expected to start Shipped devices in December.

The device provides high performance standards and high quality design, which is famous for the list of HTC devices leading to the technology of block Qin and software to provide smart phone suitable for the modern user and the new generation of the Internet and includes the phone HTC Exodus 1 locked space and protected from the operating system Android Oryo store secret encryption codes for both currencies Numeric or non-replaceable symbols (NFTs) or all digital data soon.

HTC has developed a unique social mechanism to restore the Social Key Recovery code in the event that a user loses his or her phone, theft or forgetting his secret codes, thus providing an easy and secure way to recover lost secret codes in the device. This mechanism also ensures that HTC does not retain secret codes at any central location Never to remain within the scope of user responsibility.

HTC allows users to select a specific number of trusted contacts, each of which must download an application to manage secret codes. These codes are then broken down using a confidential sharing algorithm and sent to trusted contacts, allowing users to regain access to their assets if needed. .

HTC calls on encryption experts and developers from around the world to join the Exodus community and contribute to enhancing the security and strength of this secure space. As part of the early booking phase, HTC invites all members of the Exodus community to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the wallet and secure storage through its HTC EXODUS (OFFICIAL) On the Telegram application.

"Ten years after HTC launched its first Android phone, and nearly ten years after the release of the coin and the Genesis Block, Exodus 1 is a key element in the Internet data encryption system," said Phil Chen, head of HTC's Decentralization Team. Convinced that enabling digital assets and decentralized applications to achieve their maximum potential calls for a major distribution point and we look forward to building partnerships with developers in the Qin Block community to realize this vision.