Google offers a number of new security measures

Google has introduced a number of new security measures as part of the Cyber Security Awareness 
Google offers a number of new security measures
Month. It has started the risk-assessment feature that requires JavaScript to run. If you previously disabled JavaScript in your browser, it required you to turn it on if you want to access your account, as Google was unable to sign you in. The company has also accelerated the security screening feature, so once you sign in, Google will ask you to delete any potentially harmful apps.

As part of Google's updated security check, you'll now be able to see when you share any of your Google data with third-party applications.

Finally, if the company believes that your account has been compromised, a process will prompt you to perform a series of checks automatically.

You'll need to verify your settings and make sure that no one can access your account via phone number or recovery email address, which means you must also secure your other accounts. Google will then ask you to verify your financial activity to ensure that no one charges unauthorized credit card or Google Pay account fees. Finally, the company will ask you to review your Gmail and Drive data to see if anyone has entered or misused it.