A glimpse into the future through GITEX Technology Week

A glimpse into the future through GITEX Technology Week

There are only a few exhibitions in the region of this size, and GITEX Technology Week is certainly the most prominent. It is not only a platform for the most important government agencies in the Gulf, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia, to showcase their latest technology utilization to serve the citizen. It is also a platform linking the world's most extreme parts of the world to the latest technology.
A glimpse into the future through GITEX Technology Week

In the 2018 and 38th edition of GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK we saw many outstanding events. One of them was the celebration of Panasonic's 100th anniversary. The company, also known as National, has provided many and many wonderful products to consumers, televisions, washers and other tools that changed our lives to everlasting and still do. Also beautiful at the show is that the company was offering a brief video about its vision until 2030 and how to make our homes smarter than ever before. Many consumer products companies have participated heavily in GITEX, including leading global companies such as BlackBerry, LG, Linksys and many more.

But GITEX is not only a platform to showcase consumer products, it is much larger, and here we talk about technical solutions for many businesses. As mentioned earlier, there were many countries that hosted their companies under one umbrella in the exhibition, which included many countries such as China, Russia, Canada, America and many others. Numerous technical solutions have been introduced to companies, whether they are software solutions or electronic devices. Software solutions included many cloud computing services, including the Indian company Zoho, which introduced its famous platform for cloud accounting software. Also there were many catering machines in restaurants, large billboards or even small choppers that allow people to browse the menu and the like.

Government agencies had a large presence in the exhibition and specifically to offer their services or the so-called "smart government." One of the highlights was the UAE's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), where the first self-contained taxi was unveiled. The Dubai police had a special glamor parade of another kind, with a small helicopter that could be taken by one police officer. It can launch at 96 kilometers per hour and is made of carbon fiber and is powered by a battery, not fuel.

Gitex was not only a platform for giants, it was also an opportunity for many start-ups that might have been managed by only one person. The exhibition contained over 750 start-up companies, and a large part of these companies were launched locally. I personally was able to visit a number of them and see what they were working on, and some were under the Inspire U platform of STC Saudi Arabia. And one of the distinctive projects was a company specialized in the publication of anime and manga. And another company was offering an e-commerce application that allows buying from the wholesale market. Emerging companies have come from around the world, where I met a person from Japan introduced to their project, a corporate social platform where employees congratulate people who make outstanding achievements and are rewarded financially by the company.

Year after year, GITEX is not losing its appetite for the moment, and also being a very large platform for various technology companies from around the world. Many companies are investing in the relationships they build through this exhibition and the many opportunities they have had to embark on paths they never thought of. Lots of insights and inspiration across the platform of future projects and emerging projects. We hope that we have shared some of them through the social networking platforms of our website, and we will meet you on the huge technical occasion.