The CIA is able to locate GPS users without GPS

WikiLeaks has published new details on CIA practices and on methods used to spy on users.
The CIA is able to locate GPS users without GPS
The Agency developed an internal project known as ELSA, a project aimed at locating the geographical location of users of Windows computers without the need for a GPS system within computers, through Wi-Fi networks.
The agency used to plant files inside the computers of the victims to gather information about Wi-Fi networks near the computer, even without connecting to those networks. Once the list is obtained, the agency searches within a database to try to find out where these networks are located, as well as the power of the signal to determine the location. The central area of ​​the networks is approximately 30 meters and the device can be counted depending on the signal.
This may not be 100% effective, but it allows the agency in one way or another to try geolocation, a method that is also used to locate smartphone users by searching for towers where the phone is connected.
It is not known whether the CIA targeted all Windows computers or a specific set of users. Also, you do not know the files you've planted to search for and remove them if they exist.