Summary of what Adobe announced at its conference Adobe MAX 2018

If we talk about the world's largest companies, especially in the field of services and applications, Adobe will be one of the most important companies that touched the lives of users through its creative applications, as well as the largest cloud services provided by companies and employers.
Summary of what Adobe announced at its conference Adobe MAX 2018

The company is holding its annual conference under the title Adobe MAX 2018 and we covered several news, but we thought to summarize in one article will be easier for the user. This is what we will give you.

New updates for the company's applications and services on its Creative Cloud cloud platform
As with any application, the new innovations will come over time to improve the user experience. The company has updated the Photoshop CC application and added the Content-Aware Fill feature, as well as updating the Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC application to design more realistic images. Offering more design options, along with the InDesign CC application, which develops the graphics and design animation service with multiple options, and the Dimension CC application is faster. Apart from the images, it was similar to video and animation applications with After Effects and Adobe XD.

Launching the Premiere Rush CC application for the video industry

The company announced a new application called Premiere Rush CC, which aims to provide a unique opportunity for content creators to produce videos on social networks in a fast and easy way. Adobe specifically targets content creators on networks such as YouTube and Instagram without the need for complexity and high-quality content. The application relies on internal engine integration in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC to provide design and editing options. The application will be priced at $ 9.99, while the price will be $ 19.99 for several users, while the price of $ 29.99 for companies, and this monthly fee and get the user with 100 GB of storage space with the potential to increase to 1 terabyte.

Provide Photoshop CS and Project Gemini for iPads

Adobe said last year it would change that, which at its recent conference revealed the application of Photoshop-rich design for iPads and great possibilities in 2019, Hope to release it to other devices later.

Adobe has also launched the Project Gemini tool or application to provide a different graphical experience for users and easily through the touch screen for tablets, especially as it will arrive for the first time on the iPad in 2019. The user can enjoy many tools for the application of Photoshop CC, Both applications work on the same project.

New tools to deliver a new design experience using enhanced reality technologies

On the same side, Project Aero was one of the company's most innovative creations at its conference, offering a graphics and design experience using enhanced reality techniques. The aim of the tool is to use real-world techniques to help with the design of ordinary and moving images, as well as to preview some of them on the ground using enhanced reality.