SnapChat loses 2 million users in the third quarter of 2018

Like other social networks, Snape is liable to increase or lose its users every year, but with negative results, the company lost 2 million users in the third quarter of 2018 compared to the previous quarter.
SnapChat loses 2 million users in the third quarter of 2018
The company said in its financial report that the number of active users on the application is currently 186 million users, while the number of active users in the second quarter 188 million users, which shows that the attractiveness of the application has become less for a number of users for various reasons recently, With the same period last year with 178 million users at the time.
During the previous period, the company suffered from Facebook copying of its application features on Instagram, and while the latter was constantly attracting first followers, another problem arose from Snape itself because of the repeated redesign of the application, which was highly discontented with users.
In terms of revenues, the company achieved $ 298 million, an increase of about 43% from the third quarter of the previous year and about 14% from the second quarter of this year.
Commenting on the decline in the number of users this quarter, the founder of Snape Shat Ivan Spiegel on the work of his company to launch a light application, so that the application services to a wider circle of users of Android, which has done by companies such as Twitter and Facebook in the recent period.