How Facebook Live was used to discover thieves - a true story

How Facebook Live was used to discover thieves - a true story

When you look at smart cameras and surveillance devices, and
How Facebook Live was used to discover thieves - a true story
where you have reached their specifications and capabilities, you say to yourself; does a burglar then dare to steal a house or run a shop? But robberies are still being repeated, and thieves are still unaware that the world has changed a lot and is no longer a safe environment for them to practice their former jobs or boast of their smart skills.

Let me tell you about my friend, his wonderful story with the thief, how he used his simple capabilities, without buying any additional equipment or installing any professional surveillance equipment, that the thief would reveal and prove to him that he had done a clear video scene Suspiciously, through his smartphone and a normal Facebook page.

The story is short
The story - Azizi reader - that my friend lives with a colleague in an apartment in a city away from home, they are students studying abroad, and that apartment was within a residential building, and weeks ago the former guard left and came a new guard, and then happened to disappear a sum of money from One of them from the inside of the apartment, they were surprised and wondered, and because they are friends and trust in each other, they were likely to be a burglar and entered the apartment and stole the amount only and then left, and doubts were directed towards the new guard, especially that there are some strange behavior that result from them and caused them not to His satisfaction.

The robber was already the new guard. He stole the money from someone's room. He did not steal anything from the other room. It is easy to get out, perhaps so as not to raise doubts or a whirlwind that may separate him from his new work, which is heavily financed.

What is important is that something else contributed to the confirmation of the crime against him, but without evidence that can be touched, and that he has his own means to enter the apartment easily through the door itself, and that he intends to enter the apartment again and the third and fourth, they thought and planned for the rhythm of the thief and prove the charge, No one knew of the theft yet, and they did not show any signs in front of the guard, so they did not change the lock on the door, as if nothing had happened, all this in order to lure the thief into the apartment again.

They wanted to depict the thief in disguise. They thought of buying a good surveillance camera. Instead, they decided to use the smartphone. It was equipped with a camera that had a battery that was enough for several hours and could be hidden and placed anywhere the thief did not notice.

But what if the thief discovers the phone that portrays his entry and his movement, of course he will steal it and the phone disappears with the guide, they thought about online streaming services, and their thinking did not go away, they know that Facebook provides this service free of charge to anyone. Someone's personal account, you can create a new Facebook page where no one is broadcasting.

They put the phone in a hidden place that was hard to detect, installed another camera in one of the rooms, and then drove him out of the apartment to pray, which was his favorite time. The speakers set him the beginning and the end. , And record events through screen recording programs, even if the thief discovered the phone and entered the Facebook page and deleted the video, there will be a copy of the document documented the crime.

After several attempts, and several prostrations to pray, came the moment and entered the thief to the apartment, and documented the cameras entry and movements, and handed over the records to the officials of the building, and grabbed the thief, and returned the amount, and so revealed his order and returned to the right owners, and thanks to God for technology and produced by us means and tools .

How to use technology to our advantage
There is no doubt that the direct broadcast services have benefited us a lot, to know what is happening at the same moment in another place in the world and you sit over your chair sipping your coffee is not easy, this technology that companies and networks are racing can be used in many areas, In monitoring the thief and documenting his crime.

My friend wanted to use his capabilities to achieve his goal, without buying new devices or equipment. We have smart phones. These phones have become very high quality, including the quality of photography, the Internet is in every house - almost - and Facebook opens your arms to And you can only create a combination of these possibilities to reach your desired goal.

Facebook launched the live broadcast feature for all by the end of 2015, then made the maximum 24 hours without interruption, then expanded and enabled any device with a camera to transmit video via Facebook, including computers via built-in cameras or connected professional cameras And because the broadcast can be done through pages as well as personal accounts, a new page can be created hidden from the eyes of friends, seen only by the person himself and who wants to help him in the surveillance.

But the technology has produced many of the most professional solutions - intelligent, Internet-connected surveillance cameras - some of which provide very useful features, such as motion sensor, alerts when someone enters, or people's automatic recognition through face analysis, voice or voice And other features that can be identified through the previously published report in the world of technology.

In conclusion ...

Man continues to invent solutions that facilitate life and sometimes protect him from the evil of his fellow man. In contrast, the devil and those uncooperative hearts continue to invent countermeasures, and the victor in this battle remains the one who possesses the information. Francis Bacon, Wise men: Knowledge is power.