Google Direct Live Streaming Service

Google Plus has lost its new feature, Google has announced that it has stopped its live streaming service called Hangout On Air despite its great marketing and wants to use YouTube live streaming instead.
Google Direct Live Streaming Service
As of September 12, you will not be able to make a live broadcast via Hangout, which was offered to Google Plus and YouTube, but you will be asked to start streaming directly via YouTube. This is a logical step after Google has expanded live streaming through YouTube for everyone where there is no need to repeat as YouTube is easier and more widespread than a hangout.
This stop will include other features provided by Google, such as Q & A, live streaming, show, and others. You will not go to live YouTube and suggest alternative ideas such as using Google Talk slides instead of Q & A as well as social networking accounts to receive viewers' questions.
Google has published an educational page to set up a live broadcast on YouTube and its schedule and other details can be viewed.
It is worth mentioning that the direct broadcast service via Hangout launched by Google in September 2011 and was available to a limited number of celebrities such as singers, actors and others in May 2012 launched for all, but after a year in May 2013 launched the live broadcast through YouTube, which was limited to a certain number of channels on special terms, Now that they are available for everyone there is no need to start live streaming via Hang Out but go straight to YouTube