Galaxy S8 arrives in world markets on April 21

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available on Friday, April 21, according to informed sources, which means the company will abandon the idea of ​​early release to ensure the availability of
Galaxy S8 arrives in world markets on April 21

sufficient quantities of the device in the market when launched.
Samsung will be watching the reactions on the upcoming LG G6, where it will be a direct competitor and launched by the company around the world on March 10, where Samsung will open pre-order on the S8 and S8 Plus earlier than expected if the G6 received positive feedback and attention Of customers.
There is no information yet on the date of the pre-order on my Samsung phone, but the actual launch and sale in the market will be on April 21, according to a senior official of an unnamed telecommunications company.
As a quick reminder, Samsung will launch two S8 phones, the first will be 5.7-inch and the other 6.2-inch larger with the Snap Dragon 835 processor and 4 GB random memory with a 12-megapixel camera and water resistance and dust as IP68 with an iris scanner.
The first reports of the launch date of the Galaxy S8 appeared in December, saying it would be April 18, less than a month after it was unveiled March 29, but now Samsung apparently decided to delay it by a few more days to ensure there was no shortage In the hands of the device, especially in the developed markets where the phone is expected to get the attention of many buyers because of the unique advantages and new design will be provided by Samsung, where the ultra-thin edges and remove the key button and many more.