Education and Social Networks (1): Dissemination of educational content via Facebook

Education and Social Networks (1): Dissemination of educational content via Facebook
One of the online high-profile era attributes: ease of dissemination of science and receive or acquire the skill and education to others, there has become an electronic environment mediating all, between the world and the ignorant, between the expert and the novice, the first decided to share what has and benefit the other party, you will find a lot of ways open to him Doors have no costs or burdens, just a little time and a lot of creativity.

There are a lot of "open doors" by which they can publish educational content to remain accessible to all, but the first thing you'll set our sights are the doors of social networks, yes, is not for entertainment only, is to invest time as they are also wasted, it can be used as a social network for several goals (Or intentions), including the educational goal, whether you are a teacher or a learner.

But the question that has been going on in the minds of some who want to spread educational content, who have a lot in their minds and think seriously Ptfrigh in digital vessels even drink them all Thirsty: What are the most appropriate social network for the dissemination of educational content? Where will the teacher find his students if he is looking for them? Or which platforms would be best if he brought his students with him? What are the characteristics of each platform and where is the ease and speed? And other questions that the content creator might think.

For all the above, we will start a new series across the pages of the technical world, shed the light on the topic of education and methods of investment and social networking platforms to serve this area, and this will be articles based on the experience of personal writer, where he runs a number of educational accounts through social networks, and publishes educational content For several years now, he has also been interested in the Internet and social networks. He has been studying at the Master's level, and his subsequent interest, in addition to various sources, both foreign and Arab.

Publishing educational content via Facebook
There is no doubt that the Facebook platform offers a broad spectrum of possibility that allowed the network to be multi-purpose platform, is the most important educational goal, if we dealt with the quality of data that can be deployed in the network, we will find that it can publish textual content, and also hard visual content (images) as well as content Video, and video are important types of data for the educational aspect. One video can summarize a lot, and the recipient tends to see more than one tendency to read.

In terms of templates or containers where content can be broadcast, there are pages and groups, content can be streamed directly through the personal account, pages have many tools to create a leading educational page, and I remember many years ago when I wrote an article on a good tutorial Was launched across the Facebook platform, how the network can be used effectively in this area.

Educational content via Facebook pages

Last year, Facebook added a new feature to "templates", allowing page managers to partially control their page layout, layout of sections and doors to match the page's domain, and the templates available for "video template" for pages based on video publishing. The page image changes and the order of the doors, the following picture shows a model of an educational page: Brother Ihab Ramzi English language trainer:

Tip: To change your page template, go to Settings on the top, click the Templates tab, and then choose the template type you want.

Also useful in this area is the possibility of arranging videos on Playlists. If the page provides educational videos or video courses, it is possible to simply collect all several videos under one umbrella, as well as the managers and roles that can be defined in order to distribute the work on several When publishing content, do not forget to publish tools such as questionnaires and other useful tools for publishing educational content.

Educational content across Facebook groups
As for groups, which have received a lot of attention and updates over the past period, they are now more suitable for the dissemination of educational content, but the strength of these groups is not only possible to publish but also to create a healthy learning environment through which learners can interact and participate in the content industry. Contributes to relieving pressure on the group manager and ensures continuity of activity and interaction.

In an earlier article, we discussed some useful tools and features to effectively manage the group. Through these tools, members can be stimulated and the organization organized in the group to achieve the primary goal for which they were launched. For example, they are specific targets of the education process or advance the participants in the "course", the property (sub-groups) can create separate sessions through independent topics, but linking them something in common is the parent group.

Social Learning
Through the group page settings (Edit Group Settings) can activate something called Social Learning (Social Learning), and when you click on the activation button (Add) You will notice the appearance of a new tab in the sidebar of the group, called the (Units) or educational units.

This new part is intended for learning exclusively and is especially useful for educational groups. It allows you to put educational content divided into modules, each module containing several publications, and the freedom to publish content within each lesson. Either text content, images or videos, and then arrange them for the educational material.

Not feature in the division and organization only, but in the path that appears for each participant individually, where it is known through him where he arrived and how much remained to end the learning of lessons available in front of him, but how the system knows that he finished each lesson bar? There is simply a small icon under each lesson called 'I done', which is supposed to click on it